What’s Your retirement Plan — Here’s One Guy’s Solution

The Shame Of My Poor Country, America

You can read the CNN story here: (actually no you can’t, see below, please)

A 63 year-old man was sick of the minimum wage jobs and age discrimination in Ohio … gee, we don’t any such thing as age discrimination here in the US, now do we .. . asks your innocent 61 69 year-old scribe … and was not eligible for Social Security benefits until age 66, three years from now, so he devised a novel “bridge plan”.

He walked into a bank, demanded money from a teller, who gave him a whole $80 and tripped the silent alarm.  The man then handed the money to a bank security guard and sat down to wait for police.

It must have been really comical at his trial to hear the prosecutors debating with the judge about not giving him a jail term, because they were just that pissed off that the suspect feared a destitute life sleeping on the side walk more than getting three squares a day, a warm bunk and all the TV and law library he could stand in what constitutes most American prison. 

He’ll probably come out qualified as a paralegal and push back his Social Security so he can collect more.

The judge in the case did, finally, “grant” the man his wish of three years in jail, stating that she didn’t agree with his choice. 

Of course she didn’t, she has a guaranteed income for life and has probably never been poor a day in her life.

Further Evidence

I wrote this article about 4 years ago and just decided to re-write it and republish it as part of Talar Systems re-launch.  I found the original link to the CNN article was broken, and I started wondering was this just some isolated “crackpot” incident from years ago?  In other words should I bring this up again, or is it just “old news”.


Old Man Robs Bank So He Can Go Back to Prison: FBI

… He felt more comfortable in prison, court documents allege, and wanted to spend his final years there. So the balding, gray-haired man leaned on a cane as he walked into a bank in suburban Chicago over the weekend and used a novel stickup line: He had just six months to live, so he had nothing left to lose. The South Carolina man also allegedly lifted his coat to show the teller a silver revolver shoved into his waistband, and investigators say he walked out of the Harris Bank on Saturday with $4,178 in his pockets.

He wore no disguises, so law enforcement quickly tracked him down using surveillance-camera photos. When authorities stopped him on Sunday outside a motel room where he was staying, he immediately threw down his cane and surrendered, saying he knew they were there because he robbed a bank the day before….

And another from a few years back …

Shame Of America: Desperate Man Robs Store For One Dollar In Order To Go To Jail To Get Health Coverage

James Richard Verone of North Carolina spent his whole life playing by the rules and staying out of trouble. Having worked as a delivery man for Coca Cola for 17 years, Verone was known as a hard worker and honest man.

Yet when he was laid off from Coca Cola three years ago, Verone was desperate to find work. He eventually found employment as a convenience clerk, yet he began to notice a protrusion in his chest. He developed arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, and soon the pain became too much for him to bear. He filed for disability, but he was denied any sort of coverage by the federal government.

So earlier this month, as the Gaston Gazette reports Verone drove to a local RBC Bank and told the teller he was robbing them for a dollar. He said he wanted to rob the bank in order to go to jail and get medical coverage:

Verone didn’t want to scare anyone. He executed the robbery the most passive way he knew how. He handed the teller a note demanding one dollar, and medical attention. “I didn’t have any fears,” said Verone. “I told the teller that I would sit over here and wait for police.” […]

Or right now today, less than a month ago …

Welder who robbed an Indiana bank says he ‘had no other choice’

A judge prays for ex-con in court, and he is heardThe night before he robbed an Indiana bank — not for the money, but so he could return to prison and have a job and something to eat — David Potchen slept in the woods.

He lay down “in the high grass like a deer,” Potchen told me in an interview Thursday at the Lake County Superior Court.

He’s a soft-spoken man, wearing a striped Lake County Jail jump suit, and he barely moved as he remembered lying down in the grass last June.

“Just laying there until nightfall so no one would actually hear you moving or anything like that. … It was summer yet. It was warm, a warm night.

“There were mosquitoes everywhere. I just covered up and went to sleep. I had a hoodie on. That’s all I had. … And finally went to sleep and knew exactly what I had to do in the morning,” he said. …

So What’s My Message?

Empower yourself.  The government (no matter who wind\s in 2016) isn’t going to take care of you.  The “kindness of others” is unreliable.  Playing by the rules, getting a job and working hard will not assure you a decent life.

Only you, and you alone can make yourself empowered in your later years.

Get Online, Build Something For Yourself .. Or Rob a Bank

Because many of my readers are on line and thus by general demographic are young, let me give you this little tip … you better plan now as to how you are going to spend your retirement.  And you had better not plan on Social Security and not plan on a fat pension from a big company, because those old standbys may well be gone by the time you get in striking range. 

Either that or watch lots of bank robbery movies so that you get more than $80.

Back From the Dead?

How you can legitimately earn online, from home.  We’ve had this particular blog off line for some time, but please note the “birth day” of this site back in 2001.  Do the naysayers and “American’ts” you are listening to have anywhere near as many years of experience?